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KEN DEDES Musical (Rerun)


KEN DEDES Musical Rerun

Ciputra Artpreneur & EKI Dance Company is thrilled to announce the return of an extraordinary theatre show that will leave you mesmerized and captivated like never before. Get ready to embark on a magical journey filled with music, drama, and breathtaking performances!

EKI Dance Company is a non-profit dance company founded in 1996 by Aiko Senosoenoto and Rusdy Rukmarata. The company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has a mission to promote Indonesian dance art through education and performances. EKI Dance Company offers various dance education programs, including classes for children, teenagers, and adults. The company also holds dance performances featuring works by Indonesian and international choreographers.

Ken Dedes is a figure in Javanese legend who is considered the ancestor of the ruling kings in Java, the progenitor of the Rajasa dynasty, the lineage that ruled in Singosari and Majapahit. Local tradition describes her as a woman of exceptional beauty.

The story of Ken Dedes begins when she was still a child. One day, Tunggul Ametung, the district head of the Tumapel region, visited the home of Mpu Purwa. Tunggul Ametung immediately fell in love with Ken Dedes and wanted to marry her. However, Mpu Purwa refused because Ken Dedes was still too young.

Tunggul Ametung did not give up. He continued to persuade Mpu Purwa until Mpu Purwa relented. Ken Dedes was then married to Tunggul Ametung. After marriage, Ken Dedes was unhappy. She did not love Tunggul Ametung and was always haunted by a curse once uttered by Mpu Purwa. Mpu Purwa had said that Ken Dedes would bring disaster to Tumapel. The story of Ken Dedes became more complicated when Ken Arok, an ambitious young man, entered her life. Ken Arok fell in love with Ken Dedes and wanted her. Ken Arok then killed Tunggul Ametung and took Ken Dedes for himself.

Ken Arok later became the leader of Tumapel. He established the Singosari Kingdom and made Ken Dedes his queen. Ken Dedes bore two children from Ken Arok, namely Anusapati and Mahisa Wonga Teleng. Ken Dedes passed away in the year 1228 AD. She was buried on Mount Penanggungan, East Java. The story of Ken Dedes is a tale full of intrigue, love, and betrayal. It is also a story of how a woman can become a significant figure in history.

A true Indonesian theatrical masterpiece about Ken Dedes’ tragic love story. Starting from her forced marriage with Tunggul Ametung, the affair with Ken Arok, to her rivalry with Ken Umang, Ken Arok’s first wife, which bring this love story to an unexpected end.

Will Be Showing Exclusively at Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta.

Saturday, September 16, 2023 – 1.30PM & 6.30PM
Sunday, September 17, 2023 – 12.30PM & 5.30PM
Saturday, September 23, 2023 – 1.30PM & 6.30PM
Sunday, September 24, 2023 – 12.30PM & 5.30PM

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